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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Featured Movie: Wet Hot American Summer

The Featured Movie today is a bit of an oldie...let's go retro this time.
Released in 2001, but set in 1981, it's a throwback, throwback kind of day.

This movie is a hoot!  It's so silly and campy, if you'll excuse the pun, but it's an all-star cast of some really funny folks.  Starring (just to name a few):

Paul Rudd (I seem to be on a Paul Rudd kick!)
Bradley Cooper
Elizabeth Banks
Amy Poehler
Molly Shannon
Janeane Garofalo
David Hyde Pierce
Marguerite Moreau
H. Jon Benjamin

It's the last day of summer camp at Camp Firewood, and the counselors have one final day to leave their mark, and make the romantic connections they have failed to make all summer.

The movie is primarily a spoof of teen romantic comedies of that time.  But, it's quirky and silly, and endearing all at the same time.  In addition to ridiculous teenage romantic and sexual antics, there is also a piece of NASA's Skylab falling straight toward Camp Firewood.

As the camp director and a scientist, along with a group of nerdy kids, try to save the camp from the falling piece of Skylab; the camp cook, a disturbed Vietnam Vet, with the help of a talking can of vegetables (voiced by the hilarious H. Jon Benjamin,) are playing matchmaker with the teen counselors; and Susie and Ben (Amy Poehler & Bradley Cooper) attempt to produce the biggest choreographed talent show the camp has ever seen.  It's funny to watch the adult actors portraying teenagers.  Once again, Paul Rudd stole my heart... as the "bad boy" teen, he has mastered the art of rolling his eyes with his whole body!

I would definitely recommend this movie for a chuckle.

What did you think of "Wet Hot Summer?"

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