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Monday, October 12, 2015

Featured TV Series: Outlander

I read the "Outlander" series of books by Diana Gabaldon over a decade ago.  They are some of my favorite books and characters.  Long before the story was televised, I would find myself thinking about the characters sometimes - out of the blue I would just think, "Wonder what Claire and Jamie are doing?"

In the books, the romance was epic, the hero bigger than life... and the show does not disappoint.  I was skeptical that any living man could live up to my image of Jamie Fraser.  With a little stretching of my ideal imagination, I have accepted Sam Heughan.  
He really does a great job portraying the character of Jamie.  

And Caitriona Balfe is Claire.  The casting there was superb, right down to her hair.  And the villian, Black Jack Randall, is played masterfully by Tobias Menzies.  

The story follows Claire Randall, a combat nurse in 1945 recently returned from the battlefields of World War 2.  On holiday with her husband in Scotland, she is mysteriously transported through time to 1743. She immediately becomes involved with a group of highlanders, ends up married to one of them and embroiled in the Jacobite rebellion.  Life is hard, dangerous and primitive, her life is constantly in danger, but she must learn to adapt.  In the beginning she is focused on finding a way to get back to her own time and her husband, but soon realizes she has fallen in love with her strapping Scottish husband, Jamie Fraser.  The love and romance between the two of them grows deeper and her heart is torn.

I am thrilled with this show!  Having loved the books so much, I'm so happy they are doing them justice. The genius of the books was in the fact that they were such a unique combination of romance, adventure and historical fact.  Starz has brought all that to life so well.  Not only is the romance and sex believable, so is the darkness, rape and torture.  

Do yourself a favor and watch "Outlander" on Starz.

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