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Sunday, August 20, 2017

"What a wonderful world it would be..."

"What a wonderful world it would be..."
What are you doing to create a better world? Please don't get me wrong; I believe that protesting has it's place and many good people stand up and march for good causes and can actually make a difference in raising awareness to an issue. But, did you know that you, yes you, just one person in one town somewhere, has the power to change the world?...without marching or chanting or carrying signs or yelling, and without ever leaving your hometown. Change can start small. One act of kindness can change one person's life, and that is a great place to start! The greatest gift we can give is ourselves; our time, our money, our hands and our love. Volunteer, donate, fund-raise... that is how you can make a difference in your world. You can be kind, you can lend a helping hand, you can smile at a stranger; those are all things you can do right now that will make a difference in this world.
What are you doing to create a better world?

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