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Saturday, May 5, 2018

I work for the American Cancer Society!

I am pleased, tickled, proud and excited to announce that I now work for the American Cancer Society.  When I made the decision to stop traveling for a living back in 2015, it was a big jump. I left a great job, making good money and security.  It was all to be able to stay home, spend more time with Scott, and become more a part of my community.  I made a decision at that time that money wasn't everything, and luckily Scott agreed!  We tightened our belts, cut back, stayed home more (not really a sacrifice since that was part of the whole decision to begin with!) and let life change.  I have kept a tie to the corporate life in the form of a consultant, but it doesn't require travel and provides a little additional income, but other than that, I have been searching.

I tried my own company, with Suzi's Promoplans, a franchise of my father-in-law's business in Tennessee. (see  But, promotional products are a very saturated market in the Keys, and I found it very hard to get more than small "one off" orders.  When the local radio stations offered me a job selling advertising about that same time, I took the plunge.  I was successful as a radio advertising salesperson, and it gave me a chance to be out in the community meeting people. But, something happened that I hadn't expected... I discovered that I love being on the radio!

Thanks to the country station program manager, Doug Hitchcock, I was given a shift as DJ for a 6 hour Classic Country Sunday Night show.  That was so much fun!  I got to pick all the music, and do the voice tracks for the whole show, every week.  It was awesome.  I also sold a live one hour talk radio show at 3 different locations, and co-hosted it with the lovely Kim Chesher. The Treasure Chest Radio Show was so much fun to create and co-host for so long.  If the show happened to be sold today, I could probably be coerced into co-hosting.... hint, hint...

Since my husband Scott went through cancer treatment back in 2014, I have been volunteering for the American Cancer Society, including being the lead of the local Relay for Life for 2 years. When the position was offered to be ACS staff, as Community Development Manager for the Florida Keys, I was thrilled to be considered! To be able to work my passion was a dream come true.


My duties include the Relay for Life, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the Diamond Gala Events of the Florida Keys.  Making contacts, recruiting volunteers and sponsors, working with venues and planning events are all part of my job description.  How perfect, right!?!  The ACS seems to be a good place to work; invested in the health and well being of their employees as well as the all important mission.  

If you have questions about the American Cancer Society, it's mission, how the ACS can help you, or want more information on events in the Keys, contact me!  

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