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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Featured Restaurant/Bar/Resort: Chad's Deli

Ask a local where to get the best deli sandwich in the upper Keys and they will tell you Chad's.  Ask a local where to get the best pizza in the upper Keys and they will tell you Chad's.  Ask a local... well you get the idea.  Sandwiches, pizza, burgers, pasta, the best chicken salad (ever, hands down, period) and so much more...ask a local and they will tell you to go to Chad's Deli.  

I can tell you honestly that Chad feeds me at least weekly (sometimes more.)  I'm partial to the chicken salad (did I mention that it's the best ever, hands down, period) on the homemade pumpernickel bread, both the California Cobb and the Santa Fe salads, and Chad's No-Carb Pan Fry is to die for...and mostly healthy!  But, everything is great.  

All of the breads are homemade,
and so are the desserts/pastries.

The list of homemade soups is quite impressive, and every one more delicious than the last.  I do tend to favor the Mushroom Brie, but the Crab & Lobster Bisque is close to heaven.  Their menu is on the website, check it out ( ) and you can see all the soups, breads, etc. - they even serve breakfast every day except Monday.

The staff are all friendly, the service quick and efficient.  They serve beer and wine.  Eat-In or Take-Out, either way, Chad's is a local's favorite.  Be sure and ask for the Locals Loyalty Card.  It's $10 a year, but the proceeds go to Coral Shores High School and it entitles you to discounts, rewards and special offers.

Chad's Deli, Grill and Pizzeria
MM 92.3 (Bayside)
Tavernier, FL 33070

See you at Chad's!

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