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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Featured TV Series: Bloodline

Netflix original "Bloodline" was filmed in the fabulous Florida Keys.

It centers around a family in Islamorada, who own and manage an "Inn" which is actually The Moorings Resort.  The family house is the Main House at The Moorings, which local Keys folks also recognize as a close twin to Pierre's restaurant.  The Moorings, Pierre's & Morada Bay Cafe have the same ownership and architecture.  

The Rayburn family are pillars of the Islamorada community; the parents run the Inn, their daughter is an attorney, one son is a detective and sheriff's deputy, another son operates his own business refurbishing boats at a local marina.  But, things get interesting when the black sheep son comes home, dredging up old family secrets and threatening to both ruin the family's reputation and destroy them financially.

The scenery is amazing, of course!  I enjoyed the story and thought the writing and acting were both good.  Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek are wonderful, again of course!  But all the rest of the cast are strong as well, especially Ben Mendelsohn who plays Danny the bad boy.  The style of filming was also well done and interesting.  Sometimes it seemed that the camera was hiding in the room, observing and seemingly capturing the characters unaware and vulnerable.  Even the soundtrack is good.

While I did really enjoy the story, I got an extra thrill from seeing all the familiar backdrops and scenes set in places I go regularly.
Some of the boating scenes were filmed in the bay right in my "backyard"...

I saw Morada Bay (of course), MM88, The Whistle Stop, Caribbean Club, The Safari Lounge (DAB), Caloosa Cove Marina, Bud & Mary's Marina, Sunshine Market (right across the street from me!), Alabama Jacks, oo-tray's parking lot(!) and more.
The big party in the very first episode was catered by Caribbean Catering and we recognized their lights, chairs, dishes, and Debbie's special touch!  

(Sam & Danny Rayburn in one of the "swingy" tables at MM88.)

(Danny Rayburn with Chelsea and Eric O'Bannon at The Whistle Stop.)

(Danny at Alabama Jacks.)

Bloodline has been renewed for a second season, supposed to premier sometime in 2016.
So far I haven't seen or heard when they will begin filming.  When they were filming the show last summer, we were staying in Boston and missed all the excitement.  Looking forward to being around town when the next season is filmed...who knows, maybe I can sneak on as an extra!  How fun would that be?  

It is only available from Netflix, and only streaming at this time.  I highly recommend this show, it gets 2 thumbs up and 5 stars from me.

What did you think about Bloodline?

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