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Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from Suzi's World!  

In Memory and In Honor of every man and woman who has served and who is currently serving our country.

May you always feel the appreciation of a grateful nation for all that you sacrifice.  And, may the day come when there is peace in this world and your service is no longer needed.

This reminds me of my Granddaddy Price's grave at the National Cemetery in Chattanooga.  

When I was a child, every year I would go with Daddy to pick up my Grannie and take her to the grave site. Grannie always had flowers in her yard, and her hydrangeas were always blooming in late May.  We would pick a big bouquet and take them to decorate the grave.  Then, as the years went by and my brother and nephew became involved in the Boy Scouts, they would always take my Daddy to place flags on the grave.

While I find this image to be very moving and emotional, my sincerest hope is that the day will come when there are no more soldiers graves to be decorated with flowers or flags.

Let there be peace...

(For a Memorial Day soundtrack, check out "What's Playin'?" in Suzi's World today...)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIVA Fest 2015

The big news in Suzi's World right now is DIVA Fest!

Each year the women gathered... renew their spirits
...nourish their souls
...and earn their laugh lines

In 2004, a couple of women asked a couple more women to join them for a week at the beach.  The place was Dauphin Island, Alabama.  The only rule was women only (specially selected amazing women.)  No men, no kids, no pets.
That year there were 12 of us.  And so, the Dauphin Island Vacation Alliance was formed and we became the DIVA's!

As we near the end of our 12th DIVA Fest, currently there are 13 of us on Dauphin Island.  Today, the oldest DIVA is 77 and the youngest is 33.  Yeah, back in '04, that youngest 37 year old DIVA was ME!  

We lay in the sun, walk on the beach, listen to music, dance, drink, eat and laugh.  We laugh a LOT!
Just this morning, I woke up with sore ab muscles from laughing so much last night.  But, mostly, we enjoy and celebrate our friendship and love.

It's an amazing week with the most fabulous women I know.  

Bed full of DIVA's

And, DIVA Fest would not be complete without singing along to the DIVA anthem:
"All I wanna do is have some fun..."

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Live Music Calendar Updated For May

The Live Music Calendar has been updated for May.  
Click on the image above, or click the same image over on the right hand side anytime, to find out where the best upper Keys musicians are performing.

What performer or venue would you like to see added to this calendar?